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Yongkang International Hotel opening

16, Avenue Da Zhuanpan hardware side, a magnificent, magnificent hotel stands in front of the public - Yongkang International Hotel has been put into trial operation.

Hardware details reflect the cultural characteristics

Yongkang International Hotel of the metal are rooted in "culture" of soil, in the modern style of the decoration style jacket, but the spirit behind the solid core, this one from the hotel furnishings and decoration on the details to reflect the clear-cut.

If all regions of the hotel name on quite the trouble from the first floor of the hall, Chinese food, "Li state" to the second floor of the Ballroom, "the Office of Ryongchon," ancient shows in the modern, with the use of the Gu Cheng Yongkang, by the Qiao Chen Liang-known thinkers in the Southern Song Dynasty scholar's known, also coincide Yongkang history of great importance to investment in education, the parents of great meaning.

The M-story, "Longines restaurant" from the name of the people on the reverie, as if the waves outside the satellite, Maundy look into the distance, ears and hear the waves Impact of Playing rock sound.

From the "Office of Ryongchon," rising, we can see, "Wang Chong." "Chuang Wang" and "Wangzhuang" homophonic, the sustenance of hotel guests love. The "Wang-Chong," "Kim Shin," "Silver friends," and "Copper League," "Iron justice" and "geo-tin", "six-shun" and expressed Yongkang hardware to the world also needs the basis of emotional and interpersonal Basis.

Small knife to meet fair trial

At the moment, the 13th China Hardware Expo is an intense but orderly preparations. The fair's theme is "Let Yongkang hardware to the world, the world Yongkang hardware together." At that time, there will be more than 2600 exhibitors from all over the world converged enterprise Yongkang, the Expo will be a business at home and abroad to promote exchanges and cooperation between, for hardware companies to display the image of the brand, to discuss cooperation in trade, industry understanding of the dynamics of the industry to exchange technology And training to build brand products, good services platform, is a major international event. Zi Hotel, the opening will greatly enhance the high-end business Yongkang in the individual capacity.

As a result, hotel management, we need an open and elegant posture to meet Yongkang exchanges and cooperation to the merchants and business celebrities will strive to become civilized manners Yongkang external image of the window. Today, just in time for the Expo held prior to the test business, are able to test a small knife in the test business in hotel comprehensively strengthen the standardization of the management and vocational training.

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