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Christmas Eve Day, the international romantic love

  Kind of Santa Claus, colorful Christmas trees, white snow, thick atmosphere of Christmas ... Ziwei International Hotel for you and your loved ones, friends, lovers, to create a unique culture of the scope of Christmas, here, you can spend and loved ones Warm and romantic Christmas Eve; can also experience a night of jubilation did not sleep the night. We have prepared for you a wealth of Christmas packages catering services, everything from your decisions. I believe you would like to choose, but also because the choice of love 

--- Part of a family of three sitting at the Christmas table, nice and warm waves of affection in everyone's mind, a warm family atmosphere, everyone has a sense of home, parked with the soul of the Harbor, sentimentally attached to each other Looking on, with deep feeling from the heart of the most soft voice: "This year's Christmas Eve, you want to have around" 

Part of friendship --- occasional heavy does not mean forgetting; the arrival of Christmas, my friend would like to feel waves; not been sent to the

Greetings and this time compensation; all the blessings of the pool in the evening: "This year's Christmas Eve, you want to have around" 

--- Part of love because of you, my life has been slow and stability, "picking-hand with both old and the son of" Shanmenghaishi

With the use of Santa Claus by the reindeer pull the sleigh, from Norway to stay here, deep snow marks, has been to extend farther forward to Christmas ... When Snow Falling Man, I hope that we will never be able to maintain melt Beautiful snow off the smile, and this

At the moment, there is only one pure wishful thinking: "This year's Christmas Eve, you want to have around" 

Christmas lighting ceremony 

December 10, the time of Thanksgiving, let us in, "Everybody gave a little love," singing Christmas tree lit in, hotel management with high-level guests to light up the Christmas tree together, as we opened the prelude to a happy Christmas. 

1, a romantic candlelight dinner buffet

Time: Dec. 24, 2008, 25 per night when 17:00-20:30

Location: M-Longines restaurant

Price: 198 yuan / place

In the form of activities: self-help candlelight dinner 

Atmosphere layout: night saxophone or violin recital at the scene.

Activities: participate in the activities of the guests to participate in the activities of the draw, at the same time can be a free photo. 

2, a warm family Christmas feast

Time: Dec. 24, 2008, 25 per night when 17:00-21:00

Location: Chinese restaurant

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